Amen Chronicle
Quarterly Church newsletter.

Counseling Ministry
Emphasizing healthy marital relationships and offering Grief Counseling.

Drama Ministry
An outreach ministry designed to develop talent to be exhibited in dramatic plays and skits performed for the church and community.

Evangelism/Outreach Ministry
Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ

Economic Empowerment Ministry
Reinforcing economic growth, poverty reduction, health, education and welfare. This ministry is designed to promote an awakening of the economic consciousness of the community.

Golden Circle Ministry –
A Seniors organization designed to meet the continued spiritual, social, and physical aspects of members 55 years and older.

Health/Fitness & Wellness Ministry
Reinforcing good health and well-being of the membership. Medical professionals of the church provide health awareness assistance to members and the community.

Hospitality Ministry
To support the various other ministries throughout the church by displaying a hunger for God and a craving to serve people. We strive to feed the Kingdom by providing excellent quality food and service.

Media/Technology Ministry
Providing audio-visual operations and support for the church.

Men-2-Boys Ministry
An outreach ministry to help our young boys in the church and community.

Music Ministry
Singing praises to God through our various choirs.

Prison Ministry
Ministering to the incarcerated by teaching God’s Word.

Sisters Affirming Sisters (S.A.S) Ministry
An outreach ministry mentoring young ladies in the church and community.

Security Ministry
Providing safety for our members and visitors.

Shepherds of Sardis
Courtesy ministry providing surveillance and safety

Sunday School Ministry
The mission of the Sunday School Ministry is to provide the fundamental basics of Christianity to our children, youth, adult members and visitors. Sunday School meets each Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. Classes are offered for all ages.

Two Fish/Five Loaves Ministry
An outreach ministry providing food and clothing to the homeless.

Usher Ministry
Providing assistance and extending courtesies to our members.

Youth Ministry
Providing youth and young adults opportunities for growth, fellowship, education, and salvation.

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